“Leave school – learn at sea!” – that is the motto for our group of 22 young people who are accepted annually in the cooperation project Highsea. Together with teachers from schools in Bremerhaven and researchers & scientists of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), we are preparing for our final exams in the subjects biology, chemistry, math and English. Two days a week we leave the school for learning and researching at the AWI. Once during our time at the AWI we take part in a research expedition.

Highsea works!

Since 2002 Highsea inspires young people in science. So far, more than 100 alumni are going to university or have finished an apprenticeship. To find out how well Highsea works we conducted a survey, which was answered by 89% of alumni. These are the results:

  • In comparison with “normal” high school graduates in Germany, significantly more young people enter a university program (Highsea: 92% of an age group, in Germany 71%),
  • More than twice as many are in a science / technology related degree program (Highsea: 36.1%, Germany 17.6%),
  • More Highsea students finish their degree (college dropout Highsea: 1.1%, Germany: 27%).

The alumni report that they can approach their studies with far more confidence than their peers.
They think that they can master the tasks overall.


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