Highsea XI meets POLMAR


Training methods on the ship & lecture series on research fields of marine research

The students of Highsea XI went out onto the North Sea with the “Alexander von Humboldt II” for a week. On the sailing boat the young people got together with PhD students of the AWI graduate school (POLMAR) and learned about research methods in Marine Science. As part of various experimental series, the students were able to demonstrate their own skills: microscopic organisms were caught with a plankton net, which were then examined under deck with microscopes. Additionally, benthos samples were collected using a van-Veen grab-device and were also analyzed by the students. Side by side with the POLMAR-doctoral students, the young people exchanged information about different fields of research and got to know various projects through small experiments and lectures.

Living together in a confined space during the expedition especially strengthened the sense of community and team spirit within the class.


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