Highsea VIII

Sustainable fishing methods

Because of the constantly growing demand for fish, fishing becomes more and more a threat. This is because stocks are minimized faster than they can grow back. If this continues, some fish species will be extinct in a few years. But how can we change this? The answer is sustainable fishing. Highsea VIII wanted to go to some fishing villages in Norway to interview the people to learn how sustainable fishing works. Because even though fishing is one of the main industries in Norway, they manage to keep their fish stocks healthy. This is possible by quotas and environmental regulations which are strictly controlled.

Although a lot of work was put into the preparation of the trip, it did not take place. To undertake such a big and expensive expedition it is necessary that all participants consistently pull on one strand and work together towards the goal. However, this did not work out in our year and Highsea VIII was the first year which was not able to go on an expedition.

The failed expedition is a great lesson to us!


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