Highsea IV – 2006-2009

Expedition in February 2006 with the brig Roald Amundsen

Research question: Is the Taylor acid formation at sea mountains also occuring during winter?

Sea mountains are individual “mountains” that rise several thousand meters from a flat deep sea area. These mountains reach up to just below the surface and are standing in ocean currents. Due to various factors a circular flow occurs – at least during the summer. These circuit currents are of great importance for the life around the sea mountains. Nutrients accumulate; there is more plankton and therefore also more fish. It is questionable whether these circuit currents are also present in the winter, and if they are as strong as the currents in the summer.

What did the students do?
They took measurements with the CTD (refer to the description of the Highsea II expedition). For this expedition there was no electric winch for the CTD available. Therefore, the students lowered and retrieved the probe by hand from the water. With an apparutus of more than 100 kg and a measuring depth of 1400 m this was long-lasting hard work. The data was then analyzed directly on board for the first time and “cuts” were marked.


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