Highsea I – 2002 – 2005

Highsea I did not go on any real research journey. Instead, in 2004 the students spent one week aboard the brig “Roald Amundsen”. They sailed the Baltic Sea and got to know the extraordinary marginal sea of the North Atlantic.

Due to ongoing research it was not possible for the students to use the research vessel “Polarstern” or any other large research ship. Therefore, the first year served as a test to find out whether it is possible at all and moreover how to use traditional sailboats for research trips with young people.

The good experiences on the “Roald Amundsen” encouraged the project management of Highsea to continue in a similar way. For future expeditions, a research question was worked out with scientists from the AWI, who also supported the students in many ways. On the one hand the questions have to match the current work on the AWI. On the other hand the questions have to be handled by us – the students – in a relatively short period of about two weeks.


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